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            1. M Series

              Wired microphones for studio applications
              • Outstanding sound
              • Perfect for the studio
              • Flexibly applicable
              • Made in germany
              M Series
              MC 950   + $549.00

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              Legendary microphones.
              Legendary creations.

              From the very beginning, the most creative people of their ages have put their faith in our M series. Legendary performers like Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix and Phil Collins treasured these microphones and recorded their sound for eternity with the help of these products. The biggest names in rock ’n’ roll history are hardly the only ones who feel this way. Today’s creative minds also love the natural sound character of beyerdynamic microphones, a sound that traces its origins back to the M series. Whenever the excellent workmanship known as “Made in Germany” and ear-caressing sound characteristics join forces with creativity, the result is always the same: new musical masterpieces produced with the assistance of beyerdynamic microphones.

              beyerdynamic M Series Faboulous Sound

              FABULOUS SOUND

              The sound of your creativity: The microphones of the M series play back the sound source, purely and naturally. Bolstered by their technical features, they produce peak sound performance while preventing any undesired distortion of the original signal.

              beyerdynamic M-Series Perfect for the Studio

              THE PERFECT CHOICE
              FOR THE STUDIO

              Every microphone in the M series fits right into every studio. As a result, anyone can freely choose the tone colour that is just right for him or her. The series’ exceptional quality turns it into the microphone family of choice among professionals – no matter whether dynamic, ribbon or condenser microphones are being used. EQ is not a concern either, thanks to detailed music playback – the sound can be easily blended into every mix.

              beyerdynamic M-Series Good Performance

              Uncommonly good performance   

              Ambient noise and feedback do not stand a chance against the exceptional directional patterns provided by the M series. Professional users hold the M 88 in particularly high regard, having anointed it as the nearly perfect microphone in terms of directional characteristics. This predestines the classics from Heilbronn, Germany, for major roles on stage and facilitates flexible positioning – all while delivering consistently exceptional sound quality. 


              Made in Germany

              The name beyerdynamic has stood for two things over the past 90 years: remarkably high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship summed by the slogan “Made in Germany”. One stunning example of this exceptional fabrication quality is the dynamic double-ribbon microphone M 160, whose design is found nowhere else in the world. The secret of M series is simple: It combines selected individual components and precise craftsmanship to create a masterpiece.



              M stands for
              ???????dynamic microphones.


              MC stands for true
              ???????condenser cicrophones.