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            1. Our Values


              We have drawn up our own set of values to ensure that everyone is on the same page. They are designed to provide guidance and to convey a sense of confidence and assurance. They express who we are and why we are the way we are.


              Targets and Attitudes

              Our company has a long and impressive history. This means that we have an enormous wealth of experience upon which we can draw. We have always been part of music history and will always continue to be.

              As the future unfolds, we must forge a new path each and every day, meaning that not everything from the past can come with us. What do we really need in the future? What is good and what will benefit us? At this point, one of our main tasks is to strike precisely the right balance between the past and the future. This will pave the way for all of us as we feel a sense of responsibility towards and want to provide the right support to generations – generations of employees, musicians, sound engineers and other people who adopt the same professional approach to music, sound and acoustics as we do.


              Agility means actually adapting to changing requirements, once you have identified them early on, and being pro-active. It is absolutely essential in a fast-changing business environment. Agility is the opposite of conformism and involves the adoption of a mindset that allows us to recognise and seize opportunities so that our company can constantly reinvent itself. It ensures that employees keep moving forwards, keep their eyes and ears open and are ready to innovate at every opportunity.

              Agility is an outstanding character trait that all employees need to understand, acquire and encourage in equal measure. An agile organisation is always better prepared.


              Perhaps the most important value of all is love for the future. Our willingness to innovate, expertise in innovation and innovative prowess mean that we are ready to face the future head-on, provided that we abide by one important rule: “Don’t be too late. But don’t be too early either!”

              Knowing exactly when is the right moment to strike helps ensure the all-important value of viability. The entire company needs to be prepared and ready to innovate. Living by the value of love for the future promotes this forward-looking approach to time management through open and creative dialogue. After all, as experience has shown, the team as a whole will see much more than any individual employee alone.

              Love the

              A famous entrepreneur once said: “Here's to [...] the ones who see things differently -- they have no respect for the status quo. [...] You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things”. Positive non-conformists identify outdated formulas, throw them overboard and replace them with innovative new solutions.
              Instead of docking in a port that looks nice and calm but subsequently sinking in a hurricane of new competitors, we prefer to head right towards the eye of the storm and to sail right through it. This recipe for success may really shake our company about but in fact it also invigorates and revitalises us. Pro-active people who, when it really counts, can also adopt an unconventional approach, will end up with a tightly knit, solid team by encouraging viability, agility and love for the future and hence also encouraging and demanding constant two-way communication.


              Are our products, applications and services easy to understand? Easiness will be a determining factor in the future as, in increasingly complex times, it will certainly not be the more complicated solutions that prevail. Anything that is seen as a measure of easiness in relation to products and services will also equally be seen as a measure of easiness in relation to corporate organisations, structures and processes. Clear expertise, proper focus on the essential points and clarity in terms of the tasks at hand will determine our success as a business. The simpler we think, the easier we will find coming up with simple solutions.


              Customer centricity – this insider’s tip, which has long been par the course and involves placing your customers at the heart of everything that you do, still applies to this day. In principle, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s just that customers have changed. The tried-and-tested business focus of customer centricity will transform into a value in the future as it also takes social responsibility into consideration which is expressed in the company’s overarching purpose. People with entrepreneurial value know this and can hold their own against the competition by providing added value.


              Our Promise

              Sophisticated products
              for sophisticated people

              Our Truth

              Our passion can be felt on stages all around the world and in inspirational recording studios in all major cities and directly reaches people’s hearts and minds.